Engineering skills tutorials, projects and courses arranged into topic categories

Statics & Equilibrium

Fundamental methods of analysis for statically determinate structures based on the equations of equilibrium

Bending & Shear

Techniques for building shear force and bending moment diagrams for statically determinate and indeterminate structures.

Virtual Work

Techniques for analysing determinate and indeterminate structures to determine axial forces, shear forces, bending moments and deflections

Finite Element Analysis

Direct stiffness and finite element analysis methods that leverage programming as a tool for structural analysis


Analysis techniques for dynamic analysis and excitation modelling of Civil Engineering structures

Stress Analysis

Tools and techniques for modelling and understanding the underlying state of stress in structures

Non-Linear Analysis

Understanding non-linear structural behaviour and common geometric and material non-linearities


Understanding structural behaviour and stability in response to lateral loading


Code-based design of structural elements and systems in a variety of materials